Shish taouk at Cafe Sundowner ! Is it worth it ?

It was Sunday again which came to our rescue, so time to hang out with friends for a pranzo.

The confusion started again 👀

Went to Delhi Darbar in Saheed Nagar to find that its shutters were down, headed to Pegasus but didn’t like the limited drinks that it had to offer. 😐

It was already 7:30, we were desperate to get a place to start our party somehow.

On a friend’s suggestion, headed to Café Sundowner which is located at the Katak – Puri road near Kalpana Square.

Since this part of Bhubaneswar doesn’t have a lot of alternatives, we were a bit skeptical about going to this restaurant for the first time.

But having limited time in hand, we had no other option other than settling for Café Sundowner.

We rushed and reached around 8:15 pm, parked our car on the opposite side of the road as there was enough space available.

With expectations not so high, entered the café.

But Woahh !!! Impressed with the first view from the rooftop of the restaurant.

It was a full house and the party had already started. 😀 Somehow we requested to accommodate us in between 2 tables.

They basically have partitioned the rooftop into an open terrace and an indoor dining area.

After waiting for about 15 mins, we got a seat finally at 8:30 on our favourite spot on the open terrace.

We quickly ordered our usuals and beer while enjoying the view from the top.

Chilled weather with cool breeze added to the excitement of finding such a great ambience out of the blue when we had lost all hope of even finding a place that evening.

While waiting for our order to be served, observed that the crowd was young and lively, with hookah and beer flowing to different tables, food looked delicious as well.

Aahh then came our food after approx. 20 mins of waiting.

None of the rooftop restaurants such as Oopre, Embassy Club, Khopcha, Aangan Horizon etc are in this part of the town where Café Sundowner is located.

1.      Location Accessibility

Here’s the complete address of “Café Sundowner”.

Prangan by Mango Hotels, Puri – Cuttack Rd, Chintamaniswar, Laxmisagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751006

Ease of Access:

It’s located at Laxmisagar just opposite Buddheswari Temple near Kalpana Square. The top floor of the Prangan by Mango restaurant is Café Sundowner.

It’s exactly at a 1 km distance from Kalpana Square while moving from Rasulgarh to Kalpana.

A quick search on google maps would pin you to the exact destination.

Thus it’s easily accessible and located on the main road for anyone to reach.

2.      Sanitization

Sanitization wasn’t anywhere noticeable, but we had our own sanitization in check so we didn’t bother to find out.

3.      Ambience and Service

It’s always exciting to have a bird’s view of anything. And the view from the terrace is kind of similar, especially in the evening when the city is all lighted up, it feels awesome to be on the rooftop with your favourite drinks, food and people around.

A quick glance around would validate this as the crowd enjoying a good time can be seen at all the tables.

The seating arrangement was good with nice decor, giving it a relaxing feel were the different kind of plants all over the restaurant. I myself am a plant lover so maybe I got biased here. 😊

They also have a very unique concept of giving away one sapling to each customer as per their initiative towards Zero Wastage Green Drive. This just has made my heart melt. 😍

Being a single floor restaurant partitioned into 2 separate areas, it had a sitting area of approx. 3000 sq ft. with a full house occupancy of around 100+ people.

The lighting was overall good both at the outdoor space and indoor space as well.

The indoor space had yellow-tinted lighting while the outdoor terrace had dim light sufficient enough for good private time with family and friends.


The service offered by the restaurant was a bit patchy may be due to the rush in the evening.

The staff were very friendly and courteous enough keeping our request of shifting to a different table in the mid.

The food ordered was mostly starters since we were boozing.

The beer served was chill as desired and the items included:

  • Bali Prawn – 4.1/5
  • Crispy honey sesame chicken – 4.1/5
  • Crispy baby corn – 3.8/5
  • Paneer Malai Tikka – 4/5
  • Fish finger with French fries – 4/5
  • Chicken tikka – 4.2/5
  • Shishtaouk – 4.4/5
  • Grilled chicken wings – 4.2/5
  • Boiled green peas – 4.3/5
  • Chicken biryani to end our meal – 4.1/5

What all FoodManiaks must not miss at Sundowner?

Out of all the items that we had, Shishtaouk is the one we would definitely try again.

What is Shishtaouk?

Shishtaouk is a traditional and very popular marinated chicken kebab of Ottoman cuisine that later became a part of Middle Eastern Cuisine.

It has very tender and juicy chicken pieces that have been marinated in Yogurt, lemon juice, garlic and spices.

Overall taste – 4.1/5


Considering the taste and quantity I would say it was a bit on the pricier side. But the ambience and the decor have somehow justified the price we paid.

We paid approx Rs. 6700/- including hookah and beers for 4 of us.

Overall Rating:

a. Ease of Access: 4.5/5
b. Ambience: 4.4/5
c. Service: 4.2/5
d. Taste: 4.1/5
e. Price: As mentioned earlier, it was a bit on the pricier side.

Here’s my final take on it?

10:30 in the foodmaniak’s clock of 1-12.

1 stands for “No venture zone for foodies”.

12 stands for “This is THE place for Food Maniaks”.

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