Best place to hangout with good food and music at Adda Unplugged. Really ?!?

Friday night again, and it was destined for a hangout with friends, although the place was still undecided.

After a small brainstorming session 😜 , we decided to try “Adda Unplugged” this time.

It’s a Bhubaneswar-based chain that boasts of being the best place to hang out with good food and music.

We started at 7 pm and reached the outlet present at Satyanagar at around 7:30 pm.

After making an entry we noticed 4 to 5 groups of people seated. We were asked if we wanted to try out hookah for which there was a separate room inside.

We grabbed one table at the main outdoor space as we were not in a mood for hookah today.

I observed a steady increase in the number of people coming to the place.

We riffled through the menu and quickly placed our order. We were served within 15 mins and below is what I felt about each item ordered for the night.

Murgh Musallam ( 4.5 /5.0)

It was looking extremely delicious and was garnished with grated boiled egg. We couldn’t wait to get started.

The first bite made us feel “Ummmm”.

As per the price the quantity served was more than sufficient, enough for our appetite.

Chinese sizzler chicken ( 4.3/5.0)

It was also very yummy with a neat presentation in place as well.

Crispy American corn (4.4/5.0)

This was crisp and juicy at the same time, at par with the best American corn I had recently.

Butter naan and Garlic naan ( 4.3 /5.0)

The breads were soft, garlic naan has done its best to keep its fame.

Brownie (4.5/5.0)

It was also one of the best. You could feel it melting in your mouth.

Brownie Shake ( 3.9 / 5.0)

The taste of brownie shake was okayish and nothing worthy of praise.

Mohito mint fizz ( 4.5 / 5.0)

It tasted exactly as desired, the ratio of every ingredient was perfect as per the rule book.


Although Adda Unplugged has 3 outlets in Bhubaneswar, i.e. Khandagiri, Janpath and Patia, we decided to go for the Janpath outlet whose complete address is as follows:

Santosh Plaza, 3rd floor, Satya Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751007

Ease of access:

It’s absolutely easy to locate the Adda Unplugged for anyone on the Janpath. Its located on the main road just before Hometown at Satyanagar.

A simple map search would drop you exactly at the point.

They do have a dedicated parking space available, so parking shouldn’t bother you.


Sanitization is duly taken care of while you enter the restaurant. We sanitized our hands and made our way into the restaurant.


There were enough seats available when we made our way in.

Here’s what I felt about the ambience of Adda Unplugged”.

  1. Ambience and Service

It’s a single-floor restaurant occupying an area of roughly 800 sq. ft. out of which the inner room dedicated for hookah lovers was around 300 sq. ft.

The restaurant can have full house occupancy of roughly 140+ customers at any point in time.

The place was colorful and felt young and funky with its décor which gives it a cheerful vibe.

Nice place for your Instagram photo session 😎. You could consider it your destination for arranging a small party or get together as well.

The staff were very friendly and courteous for their services offered.

  1. Taste and Price of the food

Pricing of the food

We had enough quantity for the day and were pleased to pay merely 985/- for 3 of us ( they had a 10% discount on the bill ).

The food was overall very good, at least the items that we ordered.

Murgh musallam is a must-try for all the foodmaniaks.

Overall Rating:

Ease of access– 4.5/5

Ambience– 4.2/5

Service– 4.4/5

Taste– 4.3/5

Price – Value for money

Here’s my final take on it?

10:45 in the foodmaniak’s clock of 1-12.

stands for “No venture zone for foodies”.

12 stands for “This is THE place for Food Maniaks”.


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