Valentine’s day at The Curry Leaf restaurant

Valentine’s day at “The Curry Leaf”. Was it good enough ? Let’s find out…

It was Valentine’s Day and moreover a Sunday as well. The special occasion needed its due attention.

A lot of restaurants have started opening up these days post-COVID lockdown has been lifted.

I set out to make the evening a bit special at a good hotel with a tasty delightful experience with family.

To my surprise, all the places that I went upon like The Zaika Palace,Moody Blues”,”Angan Heritage”,”Barbeque Nation” were jam-packed.

People have been queued up to the road to find a seat for themselves.

It was already 8:30 on the clock and I kept on improvising 😉 on my plan for the evening until I found an available seat.

Finally, after numerous calls and queries to different restaurants, I made peace with “The Curry Leaf” restaurant.

Curry Leaf restaurant is located at Patia, Bhubaneswar.

The restaurant is located on the second floor and has a decent enough setup to give you a good vibe.

Curry Leaf is near to the KIIT Square located at KIIT Road, Bhubaneswar.


Here’s the complete address of “Curry Leaf”.

Plot no 2000, KIIT Road, Near BATA Showroom, Patia, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751024

Ease of access:

It’s fairly easy to locate the Curry Leaf restaurant for anyone once you reach the KIIT square.

Located on the main road on top of “The Indian Continental Express (ICE)”, it offers good experience for anyone dining out.

On reaching the place the first thing that I looked for was parking.

They don’t have any dedicated parking space available. So I had to park my car at any space available nearby.

Luckily I got a spot opposite to the restaurant.


Sanitization is duly taken care of while you enter the hotel. Once you enter the hotel they have a sanitization bottle placed inside the door to help you along.

We sanitized our hands and made our way into the restaurant.

So, sanitization is duly taken care of and you can rest assured with this.


Upon entering I observed that the restaurant was quite empty despite being a Valentine’s Day and that too on a Sunday.

It made us skeptical about “How the restaurant would fare given the special occasion”.

Note: They don’t accept any pre-booking. So you can find your seat even if you don’t pre-book.

Here’s what I felt about the ambience of The Curry Leaf”.

  1. Ambience and Service

It’s a single-floor restaurant occupying an area of roughly 900 sq. ft.

It’s well-lit from all corners of the restaurant. You don’t feel blocked and the spacing in between chairs is also well placed.

The restaurant can have roughly full house occupancy of 50 customers at any point of time.

They also have a big table in a separate space for 10-12 people to be seated at once.

The vibe of the place was calm and charming. You could consider it a good place to have your private time with your family and friends.

The service offered was not adequate and had only 2 people taking orders running from table to table.

The staff were trying to do their best job but unfortunately, the restaurant didn’t have much to offer in the menu.

Most of the items that we ordered were not available such as Chicken Hot and Sour soup, crispy corn, Chicken Tikka.

So we were left with no other choice than to order from the very limited number of items.

The food was served roughly in a time interval of half an hour when it was ordered.

  1. Taste and Price of the food

Taste of the Food


With very low expectation, “Fried Masala Papad” was the first thing that was served.

It was more of just the papad without masala. 😞

Then we had “Irani Chicken” upon the recommendation of staff.

Irani Chicken tasted good and somehow helped to hold our expectations again. It was neither spicy nor bland and to be honest it was the dish of the day.

Main Course

We had Masala Kulcha, Garlic Naan, keema naan, Chicken Afghani.

The masala kulcha blended well with the spices stuffed inside.

Garlic naan also competed at par with the masala kulcha.

Keema naan was quite good as well and it was well stuffed with chicken keema pieces inside it.

Chicken Afghani had a neat presentation with a fluffy egg omelet placed inside it. Even though with fewer cashews it tasted well with the tender chicken pieces.

Desert and Drinks

It didn’t have anything to offer for dessert other than rasgolla. So we didn’t order.

We tried Masala cold drink and lime soda which too tasted well. The ratio of the lime and soda was as desired.

It was only 9:50 and many customers were already denied because their kitchen would close by 10 pm.

This was hard to believe how strictly they followed the rules considering the special occasion which would mean more customers at the table.

Pricing of the food

We had enough quantity for the day and were pleased to pay merely Rs. 1300/- for 4 of us.

The food was overall good even though they had limited options available. We enjoyed our own company and the evening was well spent.

Here’s a quick overview of what we had for dinner:


  1. Fried Masala Papad – 3.7/5
  2. Irani Chicken – 4.6/5

Main course:

  1. Garlic Nan – 4.3/5
  2. Masala kulcha – 4.3/5
  3. Keema naan – 4.3/5
  4. Chicken Afghani – 3/5


Masala Cold drinks – 4.4/5

Note: Most of the items that I chose were not available and I had to change my order.

Overall Rating:

  1. Ease of access– 4.5/5
  2. Ambience– 4.4/5
  3. Service– 3.9/5
  4. Taste– 4.3/5
  5. Price – Value for money

Here’s my final take on it?

10:30 in the foodmaniak’s clock of 1-12.

stands for “No venture zone for foodies”.

12 stands for “This is THE place for Food Maniaks”.


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